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CDC Colouring Cream - Permanent - .23 Tobacco

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CDC Colouring Cream - Permanent - .23 Tobacco


  • Compagnia Del Colore's Hair Colour Cream.
  • 130 different colours available.
  • 100ml tubes.

Product Information:

Chromium Molecule Pigmentation

Low alkaline gentle processing thanks is thanks to the Chromium Molecule Pigmentation that produces a superior incandescent, multi-chromatic color do to the fact that during the phase of oxidation the Chromium molecule pigments separate and fragment into smaller pigments penetrating deep into the hair where they reassemble and compact together, connecting directly to the hair-structure layers. Resulting in longer lasting, rich, intense and radiant hair color.

Rejuvenation, Reformation, Protection System R.R.Ps.™

A technological fusion promoting safety, protection and condition; a non-aggressive permanent cosmetic coloration system, professionally formulated with the lowest possible ammonia levels for the upmost welfare and security of the professional and consumer. These Coloration Creams are also enriched with precious Orange Butter and Honey. Orange Butter has anti oxidative, anti UV rays, anti pollution protection and rejuvenating properties, while Honey nourishes, hydrates the hairs structure providing elasticity, volume and shine.